Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | April 25, 2010

Lane Cedar Chests

In the middle of an active and growing town like Smyrna, it is perhaps unusual to find a large plot of green grass.  An undeveloped lot.  A recently sold parcel on Lowry Street currently fits that description.  But, has it always been that way?

Evidently not!  This patch of ground between Pinnacle Bank and one of the fire department locations has a long history.  In 1946 the Lane Company of Altavista, Virginia purchased a lumber and panel plant in the heart of Smyrna.  Lane used this plant to supply about 90% of the cedar panels needed by the company to produce its cedar chests.  The logs used to make the panels came from within 50 miles of Smyrna.  The logs were taken from Smyrna by rail.

The company was sold to Interco in 1987 and the land in Smyrna passed to a new owner in 2005.  Thus, another interesting segment of Smyrna’s history passed into memory.  A history of the Lane Company is found here.



  1. Hey, my grandmother purchased a Lane Cedar Chest for me when I went to college… it was my ‘hope’ chest and with it came her wedding book from 1909. I still have and treasure both! I spent my first years, birth to age 5, living in Smyrna and never knew the company was there!

  2. That is very interesting! Thank You


    • You can find Lane Mini Cedar Chest Keys on both and on They’re not cheap; some will cost you as much as a box. Be sure to search around for the best deal on both sites, Also, both sites have a lot of boxes for sale, some occasionally come with the original key.

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