Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | February 4, 2010

More questions!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay since my last posting….life tends to get in the way sometimes.

For today’s post, we are going to venture once again to LaVergne. Some of you may be familiar with the Hill-Roulhac Cemetery that is behind the Krystal on Waldron Rd near I-24. It is the final resting place of Francois L. G. Roulhac. Mr. Roulhac, born in Limoges, France in 1767, was one of the earliest settlers in LaVergne. His wife, Margaret is also buried here along with several members of the Hill family.

Many of the maps of the area list 2 cemeteries in this vicinity….the Hill-Roulhac and a Gambill Cemetery. According to the tax maps, there is just the Gambill Cemetery. I have not seen any Gambills buried in this quaint cemetery, surrounded by a charming rock wall. According to the 1975 Cemetery book published by the Stones River SAR and the Rutherford County Historical Society, the cemetery faces “Gambill Lane”. The book also states there may be some sunken graves to the right rear of the cemetery. Now, is this the “right rear” as you are standing on the I-24 side, where the entrance to the cemetery is? If so, would that mean the possible sunken, unmarked graves are now covered with a parking lot? Would those possible sunken, unmarked graves be the missing Gambill Cemetery? I honestly have no idea. If anyone can shed any light on this, I would really appreciate it!

Also, if you know of any small family cemeteries in the Smyrna or LaVergne area, please leave a comment! Thanks!



  1. Hi,
    You might try grave dowsing to determine if there are any graves there. But, I’m not sure how well it would work when the graves are under a parking lot. Dowsing has been shown to work elsewhere.

  2. i believe relatives live on rocky fork road. they own gambils saw mill.

  3. i believe the gambils on rocky fork road are related

  4. what about the cemetary in lavergne on greenfeild drive

    • Hi!  Thanks for reading my blog and for your comments!  I am unfamiliar with the cemetery on Greenfield.  Is it the Greenfield that runs off of Old Nashville Hwy?

      Thanks! Lori

  5. Francis Roulhac was my great-great-great grandfather. Twice, actually, as my great-grandparents were first cousins. I don’t think that the cemetery has ever been bigger than what is enclosed by the stone wall. The entrance hasn’t changed. I believe that any family members who were buried there would have had marked graves. I’ve suspected that there might be slaves buried in the back of the cemetery, but that is pure speculation. Just FYI, Margaret was Margaret Gray from Windsor, NC, a town badly flooded recently. William Blount, the territorial governor of TN, was her first cousin.

  6. was wondering about the sanders cemetary out weakley road across from fate sanders i have stopped by it before my mother had told me we were kin to the sanders and my mothers name was Dies which someone is buried there with the last name of dies . my mother was from mt juliet

  7. I was wondering if you ever found the location of the Gambill plots or the old homestead. I’m a descendant and very curious myself.

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