Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | March 30, 2009

More random tidbits…

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Marty Luffman. Marty knows a great deal about Smyrna history and shared a bit of info to be posted here for your reading enjoyment.

**Peebles is a family name that is seen in the Almaville Rd area. The Peebles Plantation was located at the end of Seminary Rd.

**Old Nashville Highway in the Stewartsboro area was originally a toll road. Lowry Street (Hwy 41/ Murfreesboro Rd) started out as not much more than a dirt trail. Traffic increased in this part of town due to people not wanting to pay the tolls.

**In the 1800s, the only good water in Smyrna came from 1 of 2 wells. Both of those wells were located on Lowry Street behind what once was Larry Lee Exxon. I believe this to be the building across the street from Pinnacle Bank.

**The Coleman Building on Lowry street started out as a livery stable.

There is more to be posted later. Thanks Marty!



  1. Does anyone know where to find out more about the Peebles Plantation, such as it’s exact location or the family members’ names?

    • yes, the Pebbles plantation was located just off of Seminary road. the beautiful home was last used a hay storage barn before being torn down to create a low income housing subdivision.

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