Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | February 4, 2009

Andrew Jackson

All Tennessee natives seemingly have a connection to Andrew Jackson. There are literally hundreds of stories regarding President Jackson’s lodging during his trips from his home at the Hermitage to Washington DC. In the Smyrna area alone, he reportedly had a couple of favored places to visit.

One was Ridley’s Landing, the current location of Youth Incorporated. (It is a fabulous summer camp for kids – if you have children, you really should look at this camp.) Another supposed stop was the White – Nelson – Gregory – Posey Home that once stood on Old Nashville Pike.

It is quite possible that President Jackson did make stops in the area, though the exact locations are lost to history. His nephew (and namesake) Andrew Jackson Donelson was married to Catharine Nelson on October 13, 1835. Apparently it was a brief marriage, as it seems Catharine died soon after the ceremony. She is buried, along with her parents,  in the Nelson-Peebles Cemetery near Almaville Rd. The cemetery stands in the middle of a field. The original section of One Mile Lane passed relatively close to this cemetery but is no longer used.


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