Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | November 19, 2008

Hello, again

First, let me apologize for being a slacker and not posting lately.  Sometimes, life gets in the way.  And, now, rather than post something new and exciting….I’m going to ask for your help.  I’m looking for information.  If you resided in the Smyrna area in the 1950s or 60s, then you probably knew of Dr. Goodall.  The building that housed his clinic is still standing behind the Mrs. Winners on Lowry Street.  Any personal anecdotes about Dr. Goodall would be appreciated!

Secondly, I am looking for information about an old cemetery.  It stood somewhere behind the present location of Stewartsboro School on Old Nashville Highway.  I’ve heard varying accounts of the size of this cemetery.  One person I talked to placed it “near the old Peebles house”.  There have been stories of grave robbing by high school students in the 1970s.  I’m curious as to what cemetery this may have been and if there is anything left of it.

Since I know the readers of this blog are the most fabulous and knowledgeable folks on the planet, I am sure you will have some interesting info on these subjects.  You can leave a comment or send me an e-mail at tncemsearch @ yahoo. com  (You’ll need to remove the spaces in the address to get it to work…I’m trying to cut down on the spam I receive!!!!)  Thanks!



  1. Looking for the book by Walter King Hoover, A History of Smyrna, Tennessee – any ideas on where to find it or if has been reprinted?

  2. Cindy, did you ever find the book you were looking for. I know they did indeed do a reprint and sold copies at the Smyrna Library a few years back.

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