Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | September 23, 2008

Sam Davis

Perhaps it would be redundant to recite the story of Sam Davis on this page. Those of us who have been in the area for a while no doubt know Sam’s story.  However, I was surprised a few months ago when asked by a visitor “who, exactly, was Sam Davis.?” I can recount the legend no better than it is written here.

I will, instead, use this space for some interesting, if little known, trivia. When a family friend reached Pulaski to retrieve Sam’s body following his hanging, Sam had already been buried. He was exhumed and brought home to Smyrna and buried in the forgotten Ridley cemetery across Stewart’s Creek from his boyhood home. His mother then requested that he be moved to a space behind the house. After 3 burials, it appears that Sam was finally able to rest in peace.



  1. smyrna used to be nice …

  2. My grandmother and great aunt used to stay over at the sam davis home. I went on a tour of it with my grandmother, she pointed to a bed and said “we used to sleep there and the floor was always so cold.” Their aunt had married a relative of his. There was a picture of Sam Davis with the yankees hanging in the house pictured above.

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