Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | August 12, 2008

Lost Cemetery

As communities grow and change, one thing that seems inevitable is that burial grounds will be lost. Many of these cemeteries are marked only with fieldstones…no names or other identifying information. As folks age and people move to other places, many old family cemeteries are simply forgotten and neglect or vandalism contributes to their demise.

Thanks to the conscientious research of Walter King Hoover, Smyrna is fortunate that otherwise forgotten remnants of history were preserved. While reading his “History of Smyrna Vol II”, there is mention of a possible Hart Cemetery. Hart’s Branch was apparently named for Nathaniel Hart. His heirs received a land grant in the Smyrna area. Part of that grant encompassed the land that is the location of the Gwyn House (current location of Michael’s Photography)….and home to the Augustus Reinhardt grave. According to Mr. Hoover’s research, there were unknown graves marked only by fieldstones in this vicinity. Around 1940, a gentleman hired to cut the grass pulled up the fieldstones and disposed of them in order to make his task easier. It is thought that there were about 25 stones. No local stories survived to identify the graves but it would have been a likely location for the final resting place of some members of the Hart family. No one will ever know for sure and the exact location is now lost.


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