Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | August 3, 2008


Everywhere you go these days, folks are talking about elections.  There is an election scheduled for Smyrna and Rutherford County next week.  But, how many of us know about the first election held in Smyrna?

In 1869, Deputy Sherriff John H. Adkerson was deputized to open and hold an election on December 20.  The town was growing and it was decided that it was time to elect a mayor and some alderman.  After the large turnout, the much anticipated results were announced. 

Having received 25 votes, Joseph Engles was elected mayor.  Also having received 25 votes were the following:  James W Hight (town constable), R.H. Dudley, J.T. Gooch, J.L Elder and J.L. Poyner (aldermen).  L.B. White received 21 votes for alderman.  J.T.H. Lenoir, J.W Wright and T.J. Reed were elected judges.

Since that time, many elections have been held in the town.  Many people have served in public office and have contributed to the legacy of Smyrna.  As we approach another election for local offices this week, I felt it was important to note  the one that started it all for the citizens of Smyrna.



  1. I am an ancestor of Thomas Bedford, I am quite interested in how family ended up in Pennsylvania.

  2. Interested in early history of my family.

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