Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | July 4, 2008

Sanford Cemetery

The Sanford Cemetery is located just east of the Sam Ridley Pkwy / Blair Rd intersection.  It is a good sized cemetery containing at least 38 graves.  The area, until recently, was quiet and rural.  With the growth of Smyrna, development is occurring rapidly.  The area that has for years been home to the Sanford Cemetery will soon be the home of a luxury apartment complex, The Verandas at Sam Ridley.  To the credit of the developers, it appears that the cemetery plot is being preserved and perhaps access will even be improved.

The cemetery was surveyed in 1965 by Shirlie Chaney, Andrew Chaney and Franklin Thomas.  Their transcription was included in the cemetery books published by the Historical Society in 1975.  Thanks to the hard work of many people, a lot of these old cemeteries are known and their legacy preserved.  The earliest listed grave is that of Aquilla Noe who died in 1896.  There are also several unmarked graves and some marked only by fieldstones.


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