Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | July 1, 2008

Smyrna Firsts

Throughout Smyrna’s long and storied history, there have been plenty of firsts. Sometimes such things are mundane and ordinary and get lost as time passes. Even the most basic of things happen for a “first” time and have untold impact on the lives and stories of a community. For instance, when natural gas lines were first connected in Smyrna, the year was 1957. A seemingly ordinary thing, but it allowed some people (like the Cheneys on Oak Street) to live in Smyrna all year instead of moving back to Nashville for the winter. The Cheneys lived in Idlers Retreat….the lovely home recently restored by the Kline family. Natural gas allowed them to more efficiently heat their large home.

More ordinary firsts in Smyrna’s history:

The first Smyrna post office opened in 1852

Smyrna was first incorporated in 1869.

The first telephone switchboard in Smyrna was installed in 1905

The first annual Smyrna fair was held in 1914

The first Smyrna fire engine was put into service in 1916

Sam Ridley was first elected mayor in 1947

The first official Smyrna police car was bought by the town in 1959

The first Nissan truck built in Smyrna rolled off the assembly line in 1983


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