Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | June 20, 2008

Smyrna Fire Department

The Smyrna Fire Department was originally organized in 1916 by the citizens of the town. The first fire truck was a modified 1913 Studebaker owned by the Hager family and the first “fire station” was located at 103 N Lowry Street.

In July 1941, the city commissioners purchased the property at 110 S Front Street to serve as City Hall and the engine house. The upstairs was converted into living space and various families lived there temporarily to answer fire calls and take care of the equipment. In 1984, the arrival of Nissan necessitated the opening of station #3 on Enon Springs Rd near the plant.

With the growth of the town, the fire department hired its first full time employee in 1989. Currently the department has 5 stations and 50+ employees. The complete story is available here.



  1. Back in the 1960’s when I lived off of Sam Davis Road in Smyrna, one of the exciting things to do was grab my children, jump in the VW beetle, and head downtown to see where the fire was when the fire siren would blow.
    In those days it was a Volunteer Fire Dept. & a large fire siren horn would squeal when there was a fire to let the volunteers know they needed to get on the road.
    Also at noon every day it was tested.

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