Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | May 13, 2008

JS Young

In a previous posting, information was sought as to the location of JS Young Rd (and the identity of JS Young!). Well, you can all sleep better tonight knowing that both questions have been answered! Evidently, JS Young Rd is now known as Nissan Drive. The section of road in front of the Nissan Plant was called JS Young Rd in its previous incarnation as a small, lightly traveled thoroughfare. When the plant was built, the road was enlarged and improved and renamed.

JS Young was the grandfather of former, long-time mayor Sam Ridley and his twin brother, (also former mayor) Knox Ridley.



  1. I loved driving down JS Young Road! It had wonderful curves and twists and went thru some pretty fields (countryside). From there, I’d dart over the Nashville Hwy. to under the little underpass and get on Chicken Pike and then wander on over to Baker Road to get home near Blackman.
    I remember when Chicken Pike was just a gravel one-lane road! And the only tobacco field in Rutherford County was on it.

    • JS Young was the father of Keith Young who lived in the red brick two story home place. Keith Young was Sam and Knox Ridley’s uncle.

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