Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | May 12, 2008

Some Memories…

I don't personally have a lot of memories surrounding the old Sewart airbase. I've heard some stories and vaguely remember life before Sam Ridley Pkwy. Mike was kind enough to share some interesting tidbits. Thanks Mike!

The golf course was an air force golf course and the clubhouse was down where the number 12 green is now. The number 12 green used to be the #18 green. When the base closed, the airport authority took over ownership of the golf course and leased it to Smyrna.

There used to be some large above ground fuel tanks right below where the clubhouse is now, but they were torn down several years ago by the airport and I believe they were torn down about the time that the new clubhouse was constructed. There used to be a rail spur that ran down on the south side of Sam Ridley to the warehousing area and the commissary area. The old commissary building is still there, but the rail lines have been long since removed. Of course, Sam Ridley Blvd didn't exist back then. The main entrance to the base was on Weakley Road, but most people used the entrance off of US 41. There was a small guard shack down in the vicinity of the Smyrna Town Center where visitors would stop and pick up visitor passes for the base.

There were three swimming pools on the base, but they've all since been closed and filled in. I filled in the last one which was on the National Guard property. The old officer's club was turned into the Smyrna Country Club. I remember spending many saturday nights at the country club listening to Bill Bodaford (sp?) and his band. After the impoundment of J. Percy Priest lake, the air force built a beach area down by the lake. The area is still there, but of course, all of the sand is long gone.

There is a dedication plaque to Major Sewart adjacent to 'A' Street (it's still called 'A' Street on the National Guard base) in front of building 603.



  1. My name is Paul David Heath, my great grandfater was the first policeman in Smyrna, TN His name was 1st. John Primm Heath. Sons:2nd Levi Lowery Heath 3rd.John Lowery heath 4th Paul David Heath Brothers James Lowery Heath, John Mark Heath Daniel Corth Daniel Corey Heath. John Heath is mentioned in the “A History of the Town of Smyrna”

    To date, all I know of him is his name and a very small part of his history. I would like to, tal least, find the name of his parents, ect.

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