Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | April 12, 2008

Random Fact # 2

Smyrna’s original golf course was located between Hazelwood Drive and Stewarts Creek.  It opened around 1922 and due to the small area, it had only 6 holes.  The land was owned at that time by WH Gregory.  Around 1924, the members voted to move the course closer to town.

Smyrna’s second golf course was located in the area between Old Rock School Park, Hazelwood Drive and Ross Drive.  It, too, had only 6 holes.  It was abandoned in 1927 due to a lack of interest and/or participation.



  1. Wondering when the elementary school changed to the library? Thought I heard the school burned down. Do you know the history when/if this took place?

  2. I’m not sure of the exact date that the old school burned – will have to check on that. The library opened in a new building in 1999. The park it is located in is called the Old Rock School park and is on Enon Springs Rd.

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