Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | March 19, 2008


If any of you are familiar with Smyrna in the 70s/80s, I need your help.  I am trying to locate information about or a picture of a house that stood on Lowry Street.  It would have been in the middle of Smyrna, on the corner opposite of the depot.  It is a parking lot now and is next to the current Waldron Barber Shop.  At some point during the late 70’s and/or early 80’s, it was a store called “Second-Hand Rose”.  I know I am not dreaming this…

Any help would be appreciated!!!



  1. I remember the place. I moved to Smyrna in ’87 and it always looked run down to me. But I remember the hand painted Second Hand Rose sign. My wife remembers too, so I am not dreaming as well, maybe.

  2. I lived in Smyrna from 74-mid 90s and no you are not imagining. It was named Second Hand Rose. It was a consignment-junk shop if memory serves. I can remember my mother going in there on several occasions but I can not recall if she ever purchased anything. I’m not sure where you’d be able to locate a picture of it. I will ask my mother. They lived there for over 30 years and were very active members of the community she may have some ideas. I was back in Smyrna this weekend for a soccer tournament and couldn’t believe how much it has grown since I left.

  3. My family moved to Smyrna in 1968 and I too remember the shop that you’re speaking of. I don’t remember when it disappeared. You remember correctly

  4. I believe the place you’re discussing was owned by a man with the last name Basham. It was affectionately called “Basham’s Store” for some years. There were originally two sides to the place (like a duplex) – I know this because in the late 40’s my Mother and Father lived there for a short while on the right-hand side as you looked at the building. It had an overhang over the sidewalk and was extremely close to the railroad tracks. My Mother tells the tale of a trainwreck during the night, and they had gotten so used to the train noises, they never even noticed.

  5. The house was not the Second Hand Rose it was completely torn down. The Second Hand Rose was the Basham Store first and then it was two apartments. My Mom, her father and I lived there in the 1940. I have a picture of me sitting in a little rocking chair behind it next to the railroad tracki. I do not about the house in the picture. My family lived in Smyrna all my life and my parents lived there all their lives. My dad was fire chief for a number of years in the 70’s his name was Jack Towns.

  6. The formerly know “Second Hamd Rose was still standing in 1993 because I shopped there when my youngest was just 2 years old, he is now 21. Inside was a big hot mess, piles and piles of clothing you have to jump in and start digging, I’ve lived in Rutherford county my entire life.

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