Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | March 12, 2008

Jefferson Springs

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, resorts built around sulphur springs were the catalyst for a growing Tennessee tourism business. The sulphur springs were highly touted for their medicinal properties.

Allegedly “discovered” by cattle, Jefferson Springs was, for many years a popular resort area. The site of many dances as well as quieter activities such as fishing, Jefferson Springs boasted a hotel, many cottages, a store and a dance hall. In the late 30’s and early 40’s, improved transportation began the decline of the resort. People began taking advantage of the opportunities provided by airlines and improved roads to travel to destinations such as Florida. During WWII, the cottages were used to house military families.

And, as is the case of most things of historic interest in the Jefferson area, the creation of Percy Priest Lake sounded the final death knell for the Jefferson Springs resort. The buildings were torn down and the bridge dynamited into oblivion in 1967. Today, the original springs are buried beneath Percy Priest Lake.

An interesting article containing lots of info can be found here.



  1. Very interesting. What is the history of the house pictured on your banner?

  2. The house in the banner is the King-Johns house on Old Jefferson Pike. It has bullet holes still in the walls from a skirmish during the Civil War and I’ve been told it was used as a Confederate Hospital.

    • do you know anything else about the house? im extremely curious!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting that link. Some of the best info I’ve found on Jefferson Springs was at that link.

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