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Gwyn’s Spring

Gwyn’s Spring

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Smyrna is full of interesting stories.  Some of those stories cannot be proven or disproven, yet they have their own spot in the history of the town.  Though I’m not sure of the actual depth of the spring, through the years there have been many tales of drownings, accidents and lost treasure.

In the late 1800’s, the spring was a popular gathering place for farmers.  Mr. Gwyn would allow those on their way to and from the livestock markets to camp near his spring.  In the Smyrna book by Walter King Hoover, the story is  told of Samuel Peebles.  It seems he drove his new cart up to the spring led by a spirited young horse.  The speed at which he approached made stopping difficult and horse, cart and Mr. Peebles plunged into the spring.  Mr. Peebles was able to escape unscathed, but it took awhile to retrieve the horse and cart.

There are also stories of a young woman, who for unknown reasons, jumped into the spring and drowned herself.  And the Civil War era wagon full of supplies that was pushed into the spring to avoid capture by the opposing army.

Today, the spring is on private property, surrounded by a subdivision, yet its mystique lives on…. 



  1. Hopefully, it is true. I would expect no less of my ancestors.

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