Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | February 19, 2008

Adkerson Family

One of the earliest families arriving in Rutherford County was the Adkerson Family.  They settled in the area that was to become “Old Jefferson” where the east & west forks of Stones River merge (known as Adkerson Bend).  The original family home was built in the area of present-day Harbor Drive, across from the Jefferson Springs boat ramp. 

In 1965, the Corp of Engineers purchased the “Home Place” and 6.75 acres of “woodlands”.  Yet, today, a portion of the originally settled lands are still in the family.  John and Loyce Adkerson make their home on some of the original acreage near Jefferson Pike.  Their research has shown that the land has been in the family since (at least) 1802, spanning at least 5 generations.

When the property was impounded for the creation of Percy Priest Lake, the family cemetery was moved to Mt. Juliet by the Corp of Engineers.  Known to have been buried in the Adkerson Cemetery were: Samuel Tucker (1846-1870) and Maud Rose Adkerson (2/17/1872-9/12/1872).

Many thanks to John for sharing his family history!!



  1. Hi my name is Carson Thomas Bennitt of Claremont California. My mother is Glenda Faye Thomas Bennitt of Smyrna. I was wondering if there was any way of contacting the Adkerson family? I have a clipping from a newspaper which features a picture taken in 1908 of the old Greenwood School in the Sixth District. This picture includes much of my family such as my great grandmother Louise Creech Hunter, the Swains, and the rest of the Hunter family. The clipping says the picture came from Johnny Adkerson of Smyrna. I would love to contact the Adkerson family and get a real copy of this picture made. Please help me if you can.
    Sincerely, Carson Thomas Bennitt

  2. Mr. Bennitt,
    My dad, John Cecil Adkerson, told me about the clipping you had; and showed it to me during a Fourth-of-July reunion a few months ago. What a small World. I trust you still have a way to contact my parents if you have any more inquiries (they are not well-versed in online communications 🙂 If not, feel free to contact me.

  3. I would love to know why an entire family cemetery would be moved to a completed different county?

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