Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | January 23, 2008

DeWitt Smith Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe was a cousin of Sam Davis and also a member of Coleman’s Scouts.  Though not as well-known as Sam, DeWitt also lost his life for refusing to reveal information.  He was born and raised near Mechanicsville, which was in the area of Rocky Fork Rd near Almaville Rd.

As a child, I attended an auction of the Jobe homeplace.  I don’t remember the exact location of the home, other than we turned off of Almaville Rd onto Rocky Fork Rd.  It was said that DeWitt was buried on the hill behind the house.  At that time (and it would have been about 1979-1980) the area behind the house was heavily wooded.  I’m assuming it was a family cemetery rather than a lone grave, but I could be wrong.  If anyone can provide more detailed information about the location, I would appreciate it.



  1. My DeWitt family were intermarried with the Smith family and I was wondering if DeWitt Smith Jobe was a descendant of the Alexander Smith family and therefore my DeWitt’s.

    I love the photo of the house. I hope to visit Smyrna soon.

    Debra DeWitt Jordan

    • Thanks for reading my blog! I’m not sure of all of the DeWitt / Smith connections, but DeWitt Smith Jobe’s mother was Mary Smith. I think her father’s name is Millington. If I come across any more info, I will pass it along to you.


  2. Alexander Smith is Millington Smith’s brother, and Mary Smith is their sister

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