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Dr. Moore and the Goodall Clinic

The Goodall Clinic is well-known and remembered by many long-time Smyrnaites Smyrnaians residents of Smyrna. One of the doctors associated with the Goodall Clinic in the 1950’s was Dr. James Lee Moore. He was a cousin of Dr. Goodall. A brief biographical sketch of Dr. Moore was provided in the Walter King Hoover book, Smyrna: The Church, The People. An update to that sketch has been supplied by Dr. Moore’s daughter Karen. I am posting it below in her words with the changes she made. Thanks Karen!

Dr. James Lee Moore was born in Smith County , Tennessee and the son of Gordon Moore and Annie Lee Goodall. He attended schools in Smith County until his senior year, graduating from Lebanon High School in Wilson County . He did undergraduate work at Peabody College and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee , Medical School . He interned one year at St. Joseph Hospital at Memphis . He served during World War Two with the US Public Health, because of an eye deficiency. (He was rejected for the regular Army because he wore glasses and my aunt saw him endure some public ridicule because he was not in uniform) He came to Smyrna in 1953 and was associated with the Goodall Clinic, remaining until 1957 when he left to do four years of surgical residency at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville , Tennessee . His home in Smyrna was at 301 Hazelwood Drive . He now is practicing in McMinnville , Tennessee .

(Of course, this is just an updated version of what was previously printed….Dr. Moore is NOT currently practicing in McMinnville!)

The only question is in regards to the address. There doesn’t seem to be any record of a 301 Hazelwood Drive. Karen would love to find the location of her childhood home (she was a wee tyke when they lived here). The address came from Mr. Hoover’s book and may be a misprint. Karen remembers the home as a “2 story with no front or back porches”. Any ideas?



  1. I can remember being a patient at the Goodall Clinic in the late 1960’s.

  2. On the night of july 11, 1970, my father was in a fatal accident on lowery street in front of the rail road tracks. The building that has pip printing used to be a restaurant,that’s where he clipped a phone pole and was ejected. He was taken to Goodall clinic where he was pronounced DOA. I have always wondered if anyone remembers that or saw it.

  3. I was born there. April 1961

  4. If you look at NETR Online and look at the historical aerial photos with the all roads clicked. 301 seems to be at the intersection of hazelwood and enon springs. Can’t get close enough to see too well but there are a few homes right there.

  5. they took that house down when they put Enon Springs through to Formally Sam Davis Rd/and was College street at the time ,which is now all Enon Springs Rd,i am almost sure.

  6. or it may be the one tore down that used to be next to the trailer park on the corner on the right side ,across from 302 and 304

  7. I spent 5 days there for tonsillitis in the early 70’s. I’ll never forget looking up and seeing one of the doctors walking down the hall smoking a cigarette.

  8. i was born there in may 1952 george goodall signed my brith certificate,deborah askins

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