Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | January 3, 2008

Mystery (almost) Solved!

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Since reading about the Reinhardt grave in the Walter King Hoover book, I’ve been curious. In his book, Mr. Hoover tells of a broken stone bearing the name “Augustus Reinhardt and a single date January 14, 1802″. I’ve wondered about Mr. Reinhardt and how he ended up buried in Smyrna with no record of other Reinhardts to be found.

A couple of weeks ago, with Dee from Michael’s Photography serving as the guide, we visited the gravesite of Augustus Reinhardt (on the banks of Hart’s Branch) and a few of the mysteries have been cleared up. Though the stone was broken, someone had taken the time to put the pieces together so they could be read fairly easily. The stone actually reads as follows:

Augustus P Reinhardt


August 30, 1835


January 14, 186_

Rest ______ __ from

thy labor.

Part of the epitaph was illegible and part of the death date was missing. I’m assuming that since Mr. Hoover used the date January 14, 1802…the actual death date should read 1862 (the missing number is a 2).

In 1850, Augustus P is living in Catawba County, NC with his father, step-mother (I am again assuming because of her age) and some brothers. In 1860, he is in DeKalb County, Tennessee with wife Susan, children (Mary and Joseph) and brother William. I’m not sure how or when they came to Rutherford County. They could have been passing through when Augustus died…..that part may never be known. But, I’ll keep searching and keep you informed of anything that turns up!


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