Posted by: smyrnatnhistory | December 18, 2007

Fort Hill

When most people think of the Civil War and Smyrna, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely Sam Davis. Though Sam was the most notable link to that war, there were many other connections.

The Fort Hill neighborhood is on the northeast side of Lowry Street near Harts Branch. (For those of you familiar with Smyrna, it is the neighborhood behind the Mrs. Winners Chicken Restaurant.) It has been told that during the Civil War, a Union fort was built in this area to guard the railroad bridge across Hart’s Branch. I’m assuming it would have been an earthen fort much like Fortress Rosecrans which is near the Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro. There is a cemetery nearby that is the supposed final resting place for the Union soldiers who died of cholera while stationed at this fort.

Unfortunately, all traces of the fort were destroyed when the homes in this area and the Goodall Clinic were built in the early 1950s.



  1. […] Cemetery is the burial plot for 40 Union soldiers who died of cholera while stationed at a fort in the area while guarding the railroad bridge that crosses Hart’s Branch. It has been […]

  2. Thank you…this is great “stuff.”

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